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The Ultimate Water Journeys


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The three award-winning documentaries “Journey in the History of Water”, “Journey in the Future of Water” and “The Nile Quest”, present a unique, broad and comprehensive story of how humans’ battles with water have shaped our past and will shape our future. The series are based on the idea that water is the only truly universal resource, and that interactions with it have impacted societies and human lives at all times and at all places, but always in different ways. They present a fascinating narrative of these complex relationships and contain beautiful images  and tell detailed stories from 50 countries on five continents.


All three documentaries ( 8,5 hours of film altogether) are written and presented by  Dr. Terje Tvedt, professor in global history, political science, development studies and presently professor at the Department of Geography, University of Bergen. He is the author of more than two  dozen books,  co-founded of the International Water History Association and is the Series Editor of the pioneering nine-volume book series “A History of Water”. He has lectured at  universities in almost 30 countries.

The first series - A Journey in the History of Water tells with fascinating examples how water has played a fundamental but varying role in all societies from the birth of civilization along the banks of the great rivers in Asia and the Middle East to the most modern cities in today’s world, and how it has shaped religion, culture and economies.

The second series - The Future of Water tells the story of how the struggle to control and use water will have great impact on political power relations world wide and influence war and peace and the destinies of countries and entire continents

The series have been shown on television in about 150 countries and have been bought by TV-networks like the National Geographic Channel, Documentary Channel, France Cinq, Al-Jazeera, Al-Arabya, and Discovery Channel. They are used in teaching programs at universities and in schools all over the world. The documentaries can be watched independently from each other.

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The Nile Quest

The Future of Water

A Journey in the History of Water